Buckets and Lists

Linda and I decided to scratch a big one off our bucket list.  As you're reading this we're on a flight to Rome, Italy.


We'll be boarding the cruise ship sometime late in the morning or early in the afternoon. The schedule suggests we will be pulling away from the dock at approximately 5:00 PM.

We're both new to cruising so we're embracing whatever happens will happen.  As for photographs, stay tuned.

We will be dropping by places in Italy, Greece and Turkey.  I think I'm ready, I've been brushing up on my hand-gestures.


I normally don't announce trips, but I thought some of you might miss me... my posts. lol

Note:  I've scheduled a few posts in advance (including this one) as our journey has already begun.

See you all real soon.  


Terri said…
Have a sage journey Daniel- and take lots of pics!!
Andy said…
Enjoy your vacation! I am looking forward to seeing photos from your adventure.
Business Cents said…
Have a safe trip and a wonderful time Dan. I hope the trip proves to exceed your initial expectations. See you when you get back.
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel you are right you will be missed but oh what a wonderful adventure have a great time. You and Linda will I have no doubt. B
I loved Rome! Spent my 45th birthday there. I'm not big on cruises, but maybe one along the Amalfi Coast would be more pleasurable than my Mexico one. Enjoy!
Stephen Hayes said…
I had no idea you were planning such a trip. How exciting! I hope you see the Pantheon in Rome. It's free and the only intact building in Rome dating from the Roman Empire. I look forward to seeing your travel pictures.
Red said…
Have a great trip and I'll look forward to what you see in Italy.
Karen Frost said…
What fun! Can't wait to see your photos! xo
Jodiebodie said…
Wow! Have a wonderful time. How lovely for you both. I will enjoy travelling along with your photos. Have fun.
Hilary said…
Oh excellent! I hope you two have a wonderful time. Bon voyage, mon ami.
Lisa Gordon said…
Oh my goodness, how exciting this is, Daniel.
I cannot wait to see all of the images you return with.

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