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European Adventure Part III

Leaving Messina, the next 24-hours will be a day at sea.  Time to explore and familiarize ourselves with the ship (Celebrity Reflection), then relax and enjoy the ship's amenities.

Our cabin was on deck 9, port side, and midship.  Outside each elevator is a ship map, something I found quite helpful in finding my way around the ship.

The Messina Strait is only 2 miles at its widest point.

As we make our way to our next port of call, we enjoy the seascapes and more.

We also enjoyed time by the pools and hot tubs.   There were 3 pools in total; one indoors and 2 outdoors.

We honestly didn't know what to expect on our very first cruise.  It never felt crowded,  there was always space to be found indoors or out.  If you wanted to be kept busy, there was always something to do.

People watching or touring the ship's galley, to spending time/money in the casino, spa treatments,  sampling food and drink at anyone of the several restaurants and lounges, taking part in organized act…

European Adventure Part II

Passing through the Strait of Messina offers beautiful views as the ship makes its way to our first port of call.

At the port entrance, a statue of the Virgin Mary greets all that pass with a blessing.

The blessing is in latin and translated it says: “We bless you and your city” and it is a quote from a letter the Virgin Mary sent to the population of Messina in the year 42.  Legend has it that the Apostle Paul came to Messina around this time to convert the Sicilians to Christianity. 

The facade of the cathedral seen below, or Duomo, features polychromatic bands on its lower end, which are interrupted by three entrance portals.  Two main works kept in the church are the statue of St. John the Baptist, attributed to Antonello Gagini, and the Sacrament Chapel, created by Jacopo del Duca, a student of Michelangelo.  On the lateral bell tower, a mechanical clock shows the time through its panels arranged on the four facades.  The 16th-century Orione Fountain stands in the centre of the sq…

European Adventure Part I

We're back home after an incredible 10 day Eastern Mediterranean cruise (Celebrity Reflection) and visited a number ports of call.  We then spent an additional 2 days in Rome.

We decided the best approach for 'us' was a balanced one.  We arranged our own half-day excursions and saw all the sights we wanted to see.

Our day began by dropping off Molly at the kennel (Muzzles and Snouts) and then driving to Toronto (2.5 hour drive) the day before to avoid any inconveniences.  We stayed at one of the many hotels near the airport that provided free parking and shuttle service.

Shortly after arriving at the Toronto Pearson International Airport Linda's cell rang.  It was our travel agent calling to inform us that our flight was delayed.  I didn't let this blip alter my serene state of mind (adventure mode).

As we neared our destination we saw a beautiful sunrise.

After arriving in Rome we had a bit of a wait before collecting our luggage.  It isn't necessarily a bad …

Wind Riders

Seems that way when you see them all riding the air currents.

Have a wonderful tomorrow!

Let Us Pray

These two shots were taken with a new lens. So please forgive me as I experiment and learn how to get the best out of this new Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens.

Buckets and Lists

Linda and I decided to scratch a big one off our bucket list.  As you're reading this we're on a flight to Rome, Italy.

We'll be boarding the cruise ship sometime late in the morning or early in the afternoon. The schedule suggests we will be pulling away from the dock at approximately 5:00 PM.

We're both new to cruising so we're embracing whatever happens will happen.  As for photographs, stay tuned.

We will be dropping by places in Italy, Greece and Turkey.  I think I'm ready, I've been brushing up on my hand-gestures.

I normally don't announce trips, but I thought some of you might miss me... my posts. lol

Note:  I've scheduled a few posts in advance (including this one) as our journey has already begun.

See you all real soon.

Laying Tracks

I've been noticing an increase in traffic in my hood.  They've been leaving their markings on the ground all over.   Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it at all.   I'm a sensitive sort, I'm partial to the peace and quiet in my hood.

I enjoy seeing things that are familiar, and certainly new things and new life... day or night.

I suppose they enjoy the peace and quiet too.

Miss Molly @ 7 Months

Miss Molly for those of you who are new to my Blog is our puppy dog (Cock-a-poo).  She's now 7 months old and was recently spayed.  So we thought it was time for a summer cut as springtime winds down and summer is almost upon us.

Some before shots of Molly with her winter coat still on.

... and a few after her snip and clip.

Hug someone today.

Sandpiper Shorebirds

I don't believe these lads will ever play the bagpipes (read: pipers) but they sure are sweet to look at.  Well that's my attempt at humour for today.  lol

These are new sighting for me.   I know very little about shorebirds.  If you think my identification is incorrect, please feel free to comment on what you believe they are.  

No Ordinary Turkey

Definitely a unique raptor with special skills.

The Hairys