Spring is Alive and Well

Sounds of the American Robin


Newly hatched Robins

Signs of Spring are plentiful with the emergence of new growth and new life.


Those eggs are the most gorgeous shade of blue. xo
Was für tolle Aufnahmen!!!Ich sehe so etas selten.Blaue Eier,und danach die babys!!!!Gratuliere Dir aus meinem Herz!!!
liebe grüsse
Terri said…
Oh my goodness- that's about as newly hatched as you can get! Nice captures!
Lisa Gordon said…
My goodness, they are just precious, Daniel, and how fortunate you were to be able to photograph them.
Ours are just beginning to build their nests.
Lisa Gordon said…
Also meant to say that I hope Molly is doing well today!
Stephen Hayes said…
I just love the color of those blue eggs.
Buttons said…
AWESOME I love it finally it was so worth the wait. B
Red said…
It's always an interest to me that each bird or animal of the same species looks different. With photography like this you can see individual birds.
Michelle said…
What sweet babies. I am always glad to see Robins in early spring.
Hilary said…
Awww what a perfect trio of photos!
Impressive! Lucky you got to see the eggs and babies. How wonderful!
Stephanie said…
oh cool in the blue eggs and the new robins!
Oh, thank you so much for sharing these photographs! The bundle of babies was my favorite -- and the bird song link was wonderful, too. :)

Congratulations on your POTW.
Anonymous said…
Oh gosh - how wonderful! Fabulous shots.
Such beautiful photos of the robin an it's new babies.
Tammie Lee said…
oh my goodness! thank you ~

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