Savour Every Moment

For all pet lovers, most of us recognize how our pets enrich our lives. This wonderful short film highlights some special moments.

We had Molly spayed a few days ago and she's still recovering from the surgery.

Photo of Molly taken a couple of days before her surgery.

Happy weekend to all.


TexWisGirl said…
hope she continues to do well.
lovely I enjoyed that movie .I am a dog lover.

Your own dog is beautiful!
ADRIAN said…
she has grown into a grand dog.
Molly is so cute! She has grown a lot. I enjoyed the video.
Stephen Hayes said…
I love the picture of Molly. Such exuberance! I wish I could recall the last time I felt such unabashed euphoria.
Michelle said…
Pets add so much to our lives. I hope Molly heals well.
Lisa Gordon said…
I hope Molly is all healed real soon, Daniel.
Thank you for sharing this video.
That's a perfect capture of Molly. You can tell she loves to play fetch. Hope she feels better very soon.

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