Backyard Visitors

Baltimore Oriole | Song

Killdeer | Song

Eastern Kingbird | Song

Common Grackle | Song

Black-capped Chickadee | Song

White-breasted Nuthatch | Song

White-crowned Sparrow | Song

Rose-breasted Grosbeak | Song

Chipping American Tree Sparrow | Song
Shoutout to Kellie for correcting my mis-identified Sparrow. Thank you!

Blue Jay | Song

Red-winged Blackbird | Song

American Goldfinch | Song

White-throated Sparrow | Song


TexWisGirl said…
beautiful shots and a great mix.
Stephen Hayes said…
What do you say to these birds to make them model for you? Are you Dr. Doolittle?
Bob Bushell said…
Wow, they are beautiful, everyone. The best I have seen.
Terri said…
I had to go listen to each one- great pics today Daniel, and a good singing lesson.
Crafty Gardener said…
Great series of photos. The Northern Oriole has been singing up a storm, as the saying goes, and he flits around following his mate. You really captured the colouring of the underside of the grosbeak wings.
Lisa Gordon said…
Really beautiful, Daniel!
I angered a killdeer the other day, and he/she actually attempted to chase me. Had to have babies nearby somewhere.
Karen said…
Marvellous captures! Love the Oriole!
Stephanie said…
I appreciated the bird songs along with the photos. Great series!
Michelle said…
These are all perfect, but my favorite is the grosbeak!
Red said…
You must be starting your own bird book! Great photos of some very common spring birds.
Stephen Hayes said…
Seven hours and no comments? I left one this morning. I hope you aren't suffering a glitch.
ZielonaMila said…
Beautiful photographs, beautiful collection of birdies:) I am greeting
Kellie said…
Hi Daniel! Amazing captures, well done! I particularly like that you've captured the eye-colour of your White-crowned Sparrow. I just wanted to note that the bird you've labelled as American Tree Sparrow is actually a Chipping Sparrow. You'll notice the black bill, instead of the bi-coloured bill that the ATSP sports, besides other differences in the facial field marks. Plus, the American Tree Sparrows have long since left us for their northern homes! Hope this helps. ;)
Hilary said…
Wow.. you've been busy! Wonderful images of some of my favourite feathered friends. I've never seen an Oriel or Kingbird near my place.. only at Frank's - and I've not been there since the beginning of April so I'm missing my bird fix. Thanks for bringing these to me.
Rosemary said…
What an awesome collection - lucky you!
Daniel LaFrance said…
Thank you all for visiting and for your comments.

As most of you already know, birding is an ongoing learning experience that can be very rewarding and challenging too.
Shey said…
Super lovely shots & sightings!
Jill said…
Lovely! Each and every one of them.
Liz said…
You have all these wonderful birds in your backyard??!! What an amazing place you must live in!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful backyard visitors with us.

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