Aerial Maneuvers and Goldfinches

Have you ever witnessed such a spectacle?


Two beautiful American Goldfinches embroiled in a serious courtship ritual.




Ended as quickly as it began.

#American Goldfinches


Andy said…
Beautiful birds... beautiful photos.
Hilary said…
These are wonderful captures, Daniel. I've watched and photographed robins this way but not this close and not this well. Lovely.
With all the goldfinches we had this spring I never had the pleasure of witnessing that. Great captures!
Michelle said…
A spectacular job with these images!
Red said…
Oh, I've seen this. It's a very sudden and fierce battle. Awesome shot.
Red said…
Just thinking about a photo opportunity to keep you busy. Woodpeckers do a very complicated dance . It reminds you of a minuet.
Stephen Hayes said…
Beautiful pictures. I've read that some birds copulate in flight and must finish the act before crashing into the ground. That almost seems to be happening here.
Lisa Gordon said…
Such a beautiful dance they do, and how fortunate you were to be able to capture it, Daniel!
Stephanie said…
Love these ones, so bright in color. Great shots!
Liz said…
Truly incredibly photography!! I hope one day to be able to capture birds in flight and courtship dances with the clarity you manage!

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