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Little Miracles


In Memory of Frank Butson

In memory of a fellow birder and friend: Big Frank
I met Frank at Rosetta McClain Gardens located within the Scarborough Bluffs area of Toronto (formerly Scarborough prior to amalgamation).  He was a true birder at heart.  He had spent countless hours at Rosetta's recording Raptors as they passed during migration; see:  As people passed they noticed his presence and often asked what he was doing. He would  provide a quick explanation of his passion in a matter of fact and friendly manner.  Before long, a regular group of interested new birding hobbyists joined him.  Frank's passion for birding was infectious and many credit his friendly demeanor for their start in birding.  
Rest in peace Big Frank!
These images were all captured in Rosetta McClain Gardens

Backyard Visitors

Shoutout to Kellie for correcting my mis-identified Sparrow. Thank you!

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Wild Bird Wednesday 45

Aerial Maneuvers and Goldfinches

Have you ever witnessed such a spectacle?

Two beautiful American Goldfinches embroiled in a serious courtship ritual.

Ended as quickly as it began.

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Does it... ?



Even a little rain can't extinguish something/someone that radiates joy.

Go on, spread it all around !!
It can be contagious...
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Kaleidoscope Eyes



I'm always in awe when I watch raptors take to the sky.

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Weekly Top Shot #82

What's Old is New

Some of the old barns may have seen better days, but they still shelter all sorts of critters and farm animals alike.

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Spring is Alive and Well

Signs of Spring are plentiful with the emergence of new growth and new life.