Want Some?

There's something special about these unique and likeable Nuthatches.  Is it their layered feathers, their multi-coloured feathers, their song/call,  how they travel down a tree's trunk, or... all of these things?

I sure hope this works.

Get your peanuts, Peanuts, PEANUTS... here!

Peanuts... zzz ... Peanuts!!!


Gillian Olson said…
Great pictures, and love your comments too! I think I love everything about them.
Andy said…
Very good photo of a bird that is squawking at a camera nut :-)
Buttons said…
Thanks for the smile today Daniel I love these shots. B
Red said…
I like how the last guy is sticking his tongue out. Nuthatches also are jaunty little guys. I think they also have some swagger and ego to go along with the things you said.
Michelle said…
Such intricate detail in their feathering. Beautiful.
Kaya said…
What how do you take these pictures?

It seems that you are so close to this wonderful bird and it even doesn't pay attention to you.

Beautiful and spectacular pictures!
Stephen Hayes said…
Are all of these wonderful birds on your property? Or do you need to go far afield to find them?
Daniel LaFrance said…
I sit on my deck and take all the feeder shots. If you provide quality feed and spend enough time outdoors, some of them will get use to your presence. On occasion I have had a Chickadee land on me. I feed year-round. I also provide sources of water and shelter. I have 5 birdhouses up and have plans on adding more.

We are in the midst of Spring migration and witnessing the arriving of birds a plenty.

I've probably spend around $400. to $600. per/year in different types of feed (including supplies for Orioles and Hummingbirds).
Daniel! These are awesome!! Perfect focus. Thanks for the audio. Now I know what to listen for. Very unique sound.
Lisa Gordon said…
A really beautiful bird, and these photographs are fantastic, Daniel!

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