Surfs Up on Lake Ontario

The Long-tailed ducks know how to hang ten. lol

On a serious note, these ducks are 'diving ducks'.



The  4 to 6 foot swells were child's play for these water wonders.


Stephen Hayes said…
Nature has adapted these creatures so they fit perfectly into their environment.
Red said…
I like being in the same kind of water except about 25 degrees warmer.
Great captures! Love those waves. Ducks look like they were enjoying themselves. Did you grab your surfboard? I did, mentally. Best mentally these days..
Lia Storm said…
This is an excellent picture. It must be nice to be a duck haha. I can't even swim :-)
Sharon Wagner said…
The waves are the star of those photos. Beautiful.
Gillian Olson said…
Great shots, I really love how the light is catching the water.
Lisa Gordon said…
These are great, Daniel!
I am trying to figure out where you were with the camera when you took the first one. Looks like there was a good possibility of getting wet. Great perspective!
Nice wave action you captured! The color of the water is so tranquil.
Michelle said…
I have never watched a duck go out into the waves. Cool!
Hilary said…
Wow.. the water was playful that day.
Phil said…
Super shots Daniel. How clever to show us the waves these ducks are able to surf.

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