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I have tremendous respect for places that tell stories.  There is something special about connecting with places where settlers and their families carved out an existence   They have family roots and when there time ended, they were laid to rest.  Often at an early age.








I believe it's important to understand our past so we can make well thought out decisions going forward.



Red said…
As you say many good stories are found in cemeteries. Every time I go back home and visit the 3 cemeteries I put together more connections.
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel I am the same way we can learn a lot from our past. I have been to both those places as I have relatives there way back. Researching our past is exhausting but wonderful and teaches us so much. LOVE your pics today. B
nice views. i thought you might be linking up to FF. ( :
Great photos of the cemetery fences. I love visiting old cemeteries and always wonder about the people buried there.
Love the old barn and the photos of the horses goo!
I agree! Too often the past is soon forgotten and the same mistakes are made again. Lovely images of the horses and cows. That gate is so beautiful and ornate.
Hilary said…
So true. I do feel connected when wandering a cemetery.. loosely so but connected nonetheless. Lovely portraits of the horse and cow.

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