Monday Mashup

My 'Mashup' posts are irregular and contain a varied collection of photos.  I hope you enjoy these.

Song Sparrow Call/Song

Black-capped Chickadee Call/Song

House Finch Call/Song

Dark-eyed Junco Call/Song

American Crow Call/Song

Hope everyone is feeling good today.  If not, sing along to a tune you particularly enjoy... it might lighten your load.

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Lisa Gordon said…
Daniel, you have the sweetest little ones around you! I just love that little Chickadee. Love this Monday mashup.

I hope your week has gotten off to a wonderful beginning!
always enjoy the chickadees ... my fav. ( :
Stephen Hayes said…
A mash-up post? This looks very well put together, artistically, if you ask me.
a bit of wildlife always puts a smile on my face!
Red said…
Super job on the little guys. I'm not a great crow fan. I see them flying by far too often with a little nestling in their bill.
Monday Mashup has a nice ring to it. :) Works perfectly for this post. Wonderful shots of each bird. And I love that you included their song as a link. I had looked into that once for my blog and couldn't find a way to do it.
Michelle said…
I do like the mashup of quality photography:)
Brian King said…
These are all excellent! My favorites are the sparrow and junco! Beautiful!
Randi said…
These are stunning photos! Amazing!
Stewart M said…
Hi there - nice set of pictures. I can remember being baffled by some of these birds when I first saw them!

I wish I had been able to use the net back in the "good old days"

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Love the birds ~ especially the junco ~ excellent photography ~ ^_^
Nice birds and great photos! Enjoyed coming by.
Lea said…
Great bird photos!
I think all those birds have been visiting us for the winter. (Except crows - they are always here). Glad to see they made it safely back to you.
Have a wonderful day!
Lea's Menagerie
Buttons said…
Oh I am truly with Tex on this one beautiful. Thank you. B
Jackie/Jake said…
Great photos!! Also great to meet a fellow Canadian blogger!
I love house finches. We used to have some, but took down their favorite tree for a house remodel and they moved away.
Jori said…
You just identified a bird for me! I just photographed the Black-capped Chickadee, but didn't know what it was. Thank you! Looks like we have a lot of the same birds. :)
Laura said…
beautiful... love the red feathers on the house finch!
Hilary said…
All fine feathered fotos but I especially like the junco.. such a sweetie.

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