Just a Spot of Rust

How much do you think it's worth?


Shame that no one restored this old timer to its original beauty.


Andy said…
You really brought out the rust in this photo. Excellent.
Wow- that's a rust bucket all right! Sure would have been a beauty fully restored.
i agree with you there. what a great truck. what a find. ( :
Kathy said…
There's something special about rust!
Buttons said…
Priceless as photography. :) B
Gillian Olson said…
What a great old truck, great picture.
I agree with Buttons. Priceless as a photo.
I have to say, I'm digging the rust! It would look nice restored, too, but the rust gives it charm. :)
Red said…
It's original good solid quality is indicated by how long it has been left and yet still survives.
Lisa Gordon said…
Not sure how much it's worth, but it sure makes a priceless photograph. This is wonderful, Daniel!
Stephanie said…
This is a beauty! I love it, love rust.
Michelle said…
What a wonderful old timer. The rust just makes it all the better.
Kaya said…
I am always looking for old abandoned trucks. It is a little bit sad to look at them.

This old timer has a character and it rusted beautifully.

Amazing picture!
I love ver much old objects, but i do do not collect them.
Your photo has a big past-)
It's perfect!
Hilary said…
It's quite impressive as it is but it sure would be great restored. I used to date a guy who restored very old, very run down fire trucks. They looked amazing when he was done with them.
kitchy said…
hmmm hard to put a price on that ol girl. It would look great with a garden of wild flowers in the engine compartment & on my lawn! Great pic.

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