Hypnotic Eyes!

So cool to see these magnificent birds here in the County. I drove to a particular area in the County and found two nests occupied and one empty. It rained for most of the day yesterday when these photos were taken.




Truly hypnotic eyes!

My contribution to Random 5 Friday, where you may share five random facts about you, your day, your pets, your kids, whatever!
  1. I am extremely relaxed when scuba diving.
  2. I don't like green peas, but enjoy pea soup.
  3. I don't tolerate bullies or bullying.
  4. I am opinionated, but learning (life long endeavour) to keep my yap shut with wife's help.
  5. I'm diabetic and it sucks.


Stephen Hayes said…
Beautiful bird, but it's chilling the way he looks at you. I wouldn't want to be a rodent if he was around. Well, I guess I'd never want to be a rodent.
What a magnificent bird Dan and great shots as always. You do have to wonder at the places they choose to build their nests.
Walter Fisher said…
Some wonderful shots of the Osprey. So nice to see them back again. Looks like a catfish was caught in the 3rd photo.
Rosemary Aubut said…
Gorgeous photos! I love the mellow tones! Beautifully done!
Very, very beautiful! Still waiting for my first ever sighting of one of these. You did an awesome job on the photos.
Anonymous said…
he's very interested in you... he has hypnotic eyes & they're watching you. =)
Magnificent shots of those hypnotic eyes, Daniel.
Andy said…
This bird has amazing eyes. I think it would be difficult to out stare him.

PS: This is the slowest start to spring weather that I have see in a long time.
Terri said…
Beautiful shots Daniel. I call those crazy eyes! He's got quite a nest up on that light.
Buttons said…
Oh I love seeing them high atop the telephone poles. They are so beautiful I have never looked in their eyes before great shots. B
Hypnotic, yes! But, also somewhat scary, like "you better not get much closer or you see these talons I got here!" :-0
Nancy Claeys said…
He was certainly giving you the stink eye Daniel. What a beauty. So happy you joined us today at R5F. xo
Mary said…
So magnificent! When you say The County, i immediately think Aroostook County, Maine. :). I grew up in Pittsfield.. 'down South.'. But there are many other Counties in the Universe. Lol
the pea thing is very odd. interesting. sorry to hear about the diabetics, that does really stink. have you been that way since childhood? my grandparents adult life - just curious. i was bullied at a kid so i agree with you there. totally. ( :
Linda said…
Fantastic photos! What a find! He's really watching you!
Pam and Wayne said…
I was just reading Craig Childs' book "The Animal Dialogues" while on the treadmill today. Lots of great stories about his encounters with various types of wildlife, including the one I read today about the kind of visual acuity birds of prey have. Super shots!
Zosia said…
Fierce and beautiful. Great capture.
Those are fantastic captures - the eyes really are hypnotic. Scuba diving looks fascinating to me, but I've only snorkeled - which ii enjoy. Have a nice weekend.
Bob Bushell said…
Fantastic Bird of Prey, love it.
Hilary said…
Great capture of the osprey. I think it has captured something as well, n'est ce pas?
Anni said…
Wow!!! Aren't they impressive and oh so powerful-looking?!!! I'm always in search of the osprey around here. They're marvelous birds, and I also think think your photos are!!!

Excellent post.
Lisa Gordon said…
Those eyes are wonderful, Daniel!
Love the way he is looking at you.
Wonderful raptor!!!.. Cheers!!!.. :-)))

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