Some people have a penchant for collecting things.  These three are well known for stashing away a cache of goodies.




My contribution to Random 5 Friday.

  1. I enjoy trying new food.  When Linda and I were in Bolivia a few years ago, I ate lizard. Yes, it was quite good.
  2. I love sweets and baked goods; which is at odds with my being diabetic.
  3. My favourite alcoholic drink is a Margarita.
  4. I have conversations with Molly our 5.5 month old Cock-a-poo.
  5. I enjoy all 4 seasons and I'm wondering if Spring will arrive.  It snowed this morning!

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eileeninmd said…
Love the shots of your Hoarders. I like Margaritas too. It is chilly here today but no snow. Spring is coming! Have a happy weekend!
Carletta said…
Wonderful shots of these guys!
I've only seen a black squirrel once at my son's house. I'll be visiting soon and hope I get a photo op.
It's cooler here today but thankfully no snow.
Enjoyed your Random Five.
TexWisGirl said…
oh, good. you got rid of google+ comments. i did not like that feature at all!

love the squirrels! and i make a damn fine frozen margarita - any time you're in the neighborhood. :)
Karen said…
How sweet. I love these backyard mischief makers. I have a pet lizard, so I don't think I'd want to eat one. I did eat grubs in Australia though. It's snowing here right now!
Nancy Claeys said…
That last little one looks so small compared to the other two, but just as cute! Great shots Daniel!

We had snow two days ago. Yikes.
a lizard - wow, i am not sure i could do that? what did it remind you of? chicken or beef? ( :
Gracie O'Tripp said…
I Love your little squirrels. I saw my first black squirrel while visiting New York. Such pretty fur.
Red said…
Yes the three rascals collect a lot of stuff. They also sit and eat a lot at one time especially if it's at my bird feeder.
Stephanie said…
These are exquisite! Really enjoying your wooly shots yesterday and these squirrel shots. I missed not having them around here. Though I did see some last week when we were in Vancouver.
Mary said…
Trying new foods is one of life's greatest pleasures! :) These hoarders in the pics are adorable. And yes, i realize they're rodents...
Terri said…
Cute little guys. I talk to my cat all day long!
I talk to our pups all the time. Not sure if they enjoy it more or if I do.
Tammy said…
How cute! I love these captures, Daniel, especially the last little fellow's expression! I have never seen a black squirrel before. Hope you get spring soon!
Roban said…
I've never seen a black squirrel... and didn't even know they existed. I love the close-ups of them. Sadly, my dogs are able to catch them now and then. (Not fun for me.)

I can't imagine eating lizard or that it would be good. You never know unless you try I guess.
amanda said…
LOVE the hoarder shots! Very nicely done!
Lizard - wow! I've had alligator, I guess.
I relate to #5!!
You should check out my post from yesterday:
Phil said…
I like lizards, but not to eat. Like your hoarders Gunilla - cracking photos.
I've been watching taped episodes of Hoarders, so I was hoping this post wouldn't be like that. :) Your squirrels are so much fuzzier than ours. Cute pics! Hope you can advance to the next season soon. I know you must be tired of winter.
Snowbrush said…
I'm crazy about squirrels, and the black one you posted reminds me of a town in Illinois I heard of that's famous for its black squirrels. I used to have a squirrel feeder, a squirrel house, and three squirrel bridges (so they could get to the feeder without having to walk on the ground and risk being attacked by one of the many local cats).
Hilary said…
I love squirrels. You sure captured some adorable characters here. Gotta admire the feisty but adorable reds.

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