Flying High

It is always a thrill to see how Turkey Vultures and other birds know just how to take advantage of thermals.  Allowing them to soar to great heights with little apparent effort on their part.


Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

Everyone is capable of reaching new heights... you just have to make the effort.  For all you know it may be far easier than you imagined.

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My contribution to Random 5 Friday, where you may share five random facts about you, your day, your pets, your kids, whatever!

  1. I am extremely uncomfortable of dentists fiddling with my teeth.
  2. In one of my careers I was a logger and drove wood down river to a paper mill.
  3. The Mrs. and I will be going on our first cruise in June this year to the Eastern part of the Mediterranean.
  4. I am frugal but not cheap.
  5. I like white vinegar on my French Fries.


Buttons said…
Oh Daniel incredible photos.
I love vinegar on my fries as well. A cruise I am interested to see how you like that I must admit the thought of one has always made me nervous much like the dentist:) B
Stephen Hayes said…
I've known people who thought they were great because they were able to shoot birds riding on these thermals. As I understand it, these birds are often asleep up there. Great pix.
Lea said…
Beautiful photos!
Have a wonderful week-end!
Lea's Menagerie
Magnificent, especially in flight. Love the sentiment, words to live by. And your randoms are great.. getting to know you.
Have a great weekend, my friend.
Roban said…
These are great photographs.... Their wings are quite beautiful in flight.

I wasn't a fan of dentists either but realized regular visits would ward off even scarier moments in the long run! Enjoyed your post and learning more about you.
Lisa Gordon said…
Daniel, these are magnificent!
I like vinegar on my fries too! :-)
Michelle said…
I also dislike the dentist. Just went there yesterday...yuck. Love the shots of the wingspans.
Beautiful shots. Hello from another Canadian blogger ... visiting from Random 5 Friday.
Red said…
Vultures are awesome creatures and you showed this beautifully in tour photos.
You have chosen a super cruise.
totally agree with you on dentist. yucky profession. interesting vinegar with french fries??! i will have to try it to see. ( :

gosh, i hope you get to take lots of pics on your cruise. have fun.
Andy said…
Daniel you are right about watching Turkey Vultures. They are definitely in the driver's seat and have complete control.
Nancy Claeys said…
Love your images of the turkey vulture, Daniel -- but mostly love learning more about you!

Thank you for sharing at R5F this week dear. xo
Nice shots of the vultures in flight! I like that you provided some tidbits about them, too. I should do that more with my bird photos. Enjoyed learning some things about you as well. Vinegar on fries, though? Would never have thunk it! :)
Mary said…
Magnificent photos! I have kind of a dental phobia. (I need to novacaine for a cleaning, because i despise the pick thing. It's like a needle.) :)

And vinegar on fries is delicious! Super so, in fact.
Sharon Wagner said…
Vultures like their fries baked on the highway with bugs on the side!

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