Feathered Friday

Do you ever find yourself whistling a tune?  What about whistling a bird song/call or a part of one?  You might surprise yourself and the birds around you too.

** To see a larger version of the photo, please click on the image.

Dark-eyed Junco / Sounds

White-throated Sparrow / Info & Sounds

Mr. Red-winged Blackbird / Sounds

Mrs. Red-winged Blackbird
Second-year male; full adult plumage is not attained until their third year of life. 
Thank you Kellie for the proper information.

Mourning Dove / Sounds

Northern Flicker / Sounds

Turkey Vulture / Info & Sounds

Have a great day... eh!


i enjoy the Northern Flicker, Red-winged Blackbird, awesome shots. ( : when i 1st met my boyfriend (now hubby) he had never seen a red winged blackbird. they are super cool.
Terri said…
I was with you right up to the turkey vulture...that killed my cute bird buzz. :)
eileeninmd said…
Great collection of birds! The first Junco shot is one of my favorites. Have a happy weekend!
Michelle said…
I always love seeing blackbirds...don't know why! Great shots and I love the sound links!
Stephen Hayes said…
I know that nature designs these creatures to look the way they do for reasons of survival and reproduction, and as an artist I'm usually drawn to bright colors, but I love the first two shots because of the subtle tonality.
Lisa Gordon said…
Daniel, these are wonderful!
I especially like the dove.
They are such wonderful birds.
Have a great weekend!
Red said…
You're right about the sounds. I have a friend who is very able with doing sounds and a lot of things appear.
Stephanie said…
Oh my, birds sounds with the photos. Great way to find out how they sound. Nice bird shots!
Brilliants pictures of this lovely birds.. Impressive the raptor.. (Zopilote).. Bye, bye..
Wonderful portraits of our feathered friends. I must admit, I could live without the song of the red-winged blackbird. :)
Linda said…
Love the varied sounds of the red-winged blackbird.
Must admit that I always confuse that knocking sound of the Flicker with a woodpecker.
You will think that you could only see that in a book. Until you see it with your very own eye. Very beautiful photos.
Liz said…
Gorgeous selection of birds, Daniel!
I love the little splash of red on the Flicker.
Hmmm... I might try the bird noises... especially if the birds hang around just a little longer!
Kellie said…
Hi Daniel, your 'Mrs.' Red-winged Blackbird is actually a Mr. This is a young (second-year) male. The full adult plumage is not attained until their third year of life. The female is browner with more defined streaking on the head, breast, and belly.

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