Battle Cry

I've always wondered what Gulls are doing when they start a gut wrenching battle cry.  It begins with a bow and a low head position sweeping upward towards the sky.  Possibly a territorial thing, but I'm just guessing.

Ring-billed Gull -- Larus delawarensis





Closest Audio Recording 3336 to the Sound I heard

Is it an irritating sound?  It would be if I had to listen to it all day long.  Nevertheless, it's intriguing behaviour.

Have yourselves a great weekend!

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Gert Jan Hermus said…
Very nice blog post! He was really posing for you :-)

Warm greetings from the Netherlands,
TexWisGirl said…
they're so sleek and handsome, though.
Great photos! I can almost hear him. I wonder too what the battle cry is.
Stephen Hayes said…
I wish you had audio with these wonderful pictures.
Lisa Gordon said…
Definitelysome very big noises can come out of those little bodies, but they are truly such wonderful creatures. These photographs are beautiful, Daniel.
EG CameraGirl said…
Gulls are fascinating and until last winter I had no idea how many different varieties there are...even her in Ontario.
All I know is that I can't imagine being on a beach without them cackling! Beach and gulls just go hand in hand! Love the clarity of your shots!
They are very sleek, pretty birds...have no idea about why they make that cry. Nice shots Daniel!
Stephanie said…
He is a good looking bird. Nice close up of his mouth, with the red outline. Love all the shots! Thanks for the tip on The Chubby Chatterbox on your blog. Been reading some of it, quite amusing.
Michelle said…
This gull looks so beautiful and pristine. Great detail in this close up.
Red said…
I don't know about the noise but you do have some very brilliant gull photos. For gray and whit they can be very attractive.
Roban said…
They are a bit noisy, those gulls, but I take their sounds as part of the environment that I'm in. I bet they get pretty tired of hearing people talking and yelling on their beach!

Beautiful images by the way.
Shey said…
Fantastic captures, love the series of how it makes its sound.
Andy said…
You might not have the answer but make up for it with excellent photos.
You captured his behavior perfectly here! Beautiful clarity and wonderful poses. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Whatever the reason, it's great to capture their beauty when they are so still. Okay, now I have to Google this behavior because I am curious:-)
P.S. I just followed your site and I am No. 100! Congratulations for hitting this milestone.
Lia Storm said…
We have these here in Florida and I have taken some photos, but none as good as what you have here. I am of course just an amateur. If I get a good shot, it is pure luck haha.
You are very gifted :-)
Hilary said…
Gulls are always fun to watch and photograph. I can't say that I've every minded their cry.. it just becomes part of the scene, I guess.

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