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Upstairs Downstairs

From way up high to feeder height and to the ground below, we're all  looking for a bite to eat.

There's enough to go around for everyone and everything... right?
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Feathered Friday

Do you ever find yourself whistling a tune?  What about whistling a bird song/call or a part of one?  You might surprise yourself and the birds around you too.

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Have a great day... eh!

Oh MacDonald...

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Have Moo'verlous day!

Osprey at Work and Play


The Osprey

They're found on every continent except Antarctica and breed on all continents except Antarctica and South America.Their diet is primarily fish, earning them the moniker of “sea-hawk.”

Ospreys hunt fish by hovering over water and then diving feet first to capture prey in their powerful talons.An Osprey’s outer toe is reversible, which means they can carry prey with two toes in front and two toes behind.An Osprey will manipulate their catch so that it is parallel to the bird’s body, and thus aerodynamic.

During the mid-20th century, North American Osprey populations suffered great losses due to widespread use of the pesticide DDT.  After DDT and other contaminants were banned, the Osprey recovered fairly quickly.Ospreys make large nests on the top of dead or live trees.  They will also readily use nest platforms or other man-made structures like utility poles or baseball lighting poles


Some people have a penchant for collecting things.  These three are well known for stashing away a cache of goodies.

My contribution to Random 5 Friday.

I enjoy trying new food.  When Linda and I were in Bolivia a few years ago, I ate lizard. Yes, it was quite good.I love sweets and baked goods; which is at odds with my being diabetic.My favourite alcoholic drink is a Margarita.I have conversations with Molly our 5.5 month old Cock-a-poo.I enjoy all 4 seasons and I'm wondering if Spring will arrive.  It snowed this morning!

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Comfy Woolies

We all need something/someone to keep us comfy.

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Want Some?

There's something special about these unique and likeable Nuthatches.  Is it their layered feathers, their multi-coloured feathers, their song/call,  how they travel down a tree's trunk, or... all of these things?

Hairy at the Nut Bar

I was fortunate to have a male Hairy Woodpecker visit our 'nut bar'.

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Hypnotic Eyes!

So cool to see these magnificent birds here in the County. I drove to a particular area in the County and found two nests occupied and one empty. It rained for most of the day yesterday when these photos were taken.

Truly hypnotic eyes!

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I am extremely relaxed when scuba diving.I don't like green peas, but enjoy pea soup.I don't tolerate bullies or bullying.I am opinionated, but learning (life long endeavour) to keep my yap shut with wife's help.I'm diabetic and it sucks.

Places and Personalities

I have tremendous respect for places that tell stories.  There is something special about connecting with places where settlers and their families carved out an existence   They have family roots and when there time ended, they were laid to rest.  Often at an early age.

I believe it's important to understand our past so we can make well thought out decisions going forward.


Surfs Up on Lake Ontario

The Long-tailed ducks know how to hang ten. lol

On a serious note, these ducks are 'diving ducks'.

The  4 to 6 foot swells were child's play for these water wonders.

Monday Mashup

My 'Mashup' posts are irregular and contain a varied collection of photos.  I hope you enjoy these.

Hope everyone is feeling good today.  If not, sing along to a tune you particularly enjoy... it might lighten your load.

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