Sunday Mash-Up #1

Ice and snow builds up and outward on these shores. Today the water is calm with sunny skies.

Prince Edward County & Lake Ontario


Blowing Snow

Water Creations


Time Standing Still

It won't be long before we bid adieu to winter.


TexWisGirl said…
nice fence shots. :) and rust.
Kathy said…
I've never seen winter like this before, but somehow, I'm glad it's yours, not mine. Love that pic of the old truck and plows.
really great shots. looks so cold. i love the pick up truck. awesome!! ( :
EG CameraGirl said…
It still looked icy there last weekend. Are you getting the rain we are getting here north of Toronto? Our creeks are swollen today and farmers' fields are covered in temporary ponds.
Crafty Gardener said…
These photos are lovely ... especially when they signify the end of winter and the beginning of spring.
Tabor said…
You are a master at this. Love them all and am envious at your skill.
Michelle said…
A beautiful collection of photographs. The blowing snow shot is my favorite!
Hilary said…
I love that truck.. and woodpeckered stump. You do late winter so well.
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel these are incredible. I was down by Lake Ontario the other day it is breaking up and truly beautiful. B
Stephanie said…
I like the old wreck and the fence shots. Wow! You still have some snow.
Red said…
The old fence post and tree stump make interesting photos as they are both in a weathered state of decay.The icy lake shore really looks cold. No wonder you are trying to console your self that it will soon be spring.
Robyn said…
Neat collection of pictures. .

Love the colors you captured on the lake.

Old farm/ranch trucks/equipment are fun to photograph.
Oh, these are such beautiful photos of winter. We will never see anything like that where I live. So lovely!
Gillian Olson said…
Tremendous images, the fence post and the old car are real standouts!
Perry said…

Thanks for visiting my blog with your goose info. I figured late or early in the day. But it was more a late color on the birds. Again great shots, like these.

Soft flowers? I don't know what you mean? :-) I'm kidding. Yes they are soft. But that is because they are taken with a light field camera that allow post processing focusing. It is the nature of the beast. The camera is a Lytro and tack sharp focus is not part of the vocabulary. Sometimes you can get good enough and sometimes you make due.

Like you said though, it is for the fun of it. I'm doing a photo a day with the Lytro for a few more months then back to my DSLR.

Thanks again for visiting!
good morning Daniel
i bow to your artistic feelings.Amazing all these winter photos,and a very nice truck-)))
Wish you a happy day
Kia said…
So much gorgeousness! :)
Karen said…
They are all grrrrrreat! Wow.

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