Psst... Take a Look at This!



Hey!!!  I'm a potential Mate.


Best of luck, buddy!


Hilary said…
Ha! Great capture but she couldn't look more disinterested.
Fantastic wonderful captures. I'm really enjoying these!
Hello how are you??? .. A fantastic pictures. really! .. Congratulations ..
Buttons said…
Wow great shots Daniel. B
Rebecca said…
Nice catch...she seems unimpressed.
Red said…
they are awesome dudes! You caught this guy at his finest.
TexWisGirl said…
really cute! where's his wingman? ha ha ha!
Karen said…
I think she's playing hard to get!
Stephen Hayes said…
He looks like a fine candidate for a mate. Her bar is set way too high.
Haha, awesome. He reminds me of a flasher. She is not paying him any mind. Great images, Daniel!
Stephanie said…
Oh my goodness, such clarity with the details in the feathers. Love the images!
Merci de très belles photos
ils sont si beaux bravo bravo
Lisa Gordon said…
Such a beautiful dance they do, and you have captured that so beautifully.
Carletta said…
Hi Daniel,
I was just over at The Smitten Image - congrats on being chosen for a Post of the Week.
Your post made me smile - nice shots!
Country Girl said…
Oh, I love these ~ Congrats on the POTW.
Daryl said…
sweet ... congrats on a POTW
Wendy said…
Wow - I am absolutely bowled-over by your pics! They are awesome!!!
How do you tell the males from the females?
Congrats on your POTW award!

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