Looking Back

Do you ever wonder what life might have been like on abandoned farms when they were in their prime? 


Not sure what to say, words escape you? Hug them!!!


Andy said…
Yes I am curious about the what went on here in the past. The big question is why is it abandoned?
I usually feel sad when I see a falling down, neglected barn or homestead. Then I wonder why. Hope you have a great Easter weekend.
Michelle said…
I am always curious! I find these rundown farms/buildings so intriguing and full of history! Funny how one can be drawn to the decay of life.
all the time. i like to make up stories in my head. silly ones i guess. the hubby laughs & other times will join in on the silly story.

have a great weekend. ( :
What a lovely old barn- don't you wish that walls could just talk sometimes?!
Red said…
Yes I wonder about these places and the spirits that reside there. I attended many auction sales where people were leaving and the farm became vacant. Here most of the abandoned farmsteads have been "cleaned up" and turned into farmland. I helped my Dad to clean up old yards so that they could be cultivated.
Stephen Hayes said…
It' sad that so many farms are going to ruin these days. Once, rural life was the backbone of our country (probably the same in Canada). I do like imagining the hussle and bustle of farm life.
I'm always drawn to abandoned farm places and wonder about the families that lived there.
Love this old barn and the falling apart wagon.
Crafty Gardener said…
I just did a similar post with some old barn photos ... Making you Wonder. I love to preserve the barns in photographs.
missing moments said…
I had great times as a kid playing in barns. Wonderful memories!
Stephanie said…
I have always been curious about that captured this shot.
Roban said…
That looks like a lovely old barn.... I bet it was quite busy there back in the day. My grandfather had a farm - grew cotton, had chicken houses, and sold his eggs. My sisters remember it well.
Lisa Gordon said…
I wonder that quite a bit. There are so many in disrepair now, at least here, and it is really so sad. Even in their current state, you can tell that they were once beautiful.
Lmkazmierczak said…
The buildings may have seen better days, but the beauty lives on. My Rurality: http://lore-eleven.blogspot.com/2013/03/moonball-caught-in-tree.html
Lynne said…
What a beautiful photo!

And yes, I always wonder what happened, who lived there and what their lives must have been like. Were they happy or sad? I love trying to capture the essence of abandoned places and you've done a great job.

~Lynne @ a new Jersey Girl visiting from Rurality Blog Hop

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