Lets Get Wild

Here's a shot of some visitors who wandered in from the back 40.

Wild Turkeys

Wherever you happen to be, I hope you're having a wonderful day.


My cousin has wild turkeys at his camp on the river. He's been saying for a year that he wants to take me there for photos. They do look interesting! Hope you had a wonderful Easter, Daniel!
Stephen Hayes said…
Your photo looks like a bird stamp painting. Beautiful. Happy Easter.
eileeninmd said…
Great sighting and photos. They better run and hide, turkey season is starting.
Tabor said…
Happy belated Easter...did you have turkey instead of ham?
Red said…
Handsome dudes! I hope you had a wonderful day.
Hilary said…
I hope you gobbled up some yummie goodies!
Daniel LaFrance said…
For those of you who may be wondering... we enjoyed a 'domestic' turkey feast with all the trimmings. :)
fus said…
I like your photo y muchas gracias por tus amables palabras.

un abrazo

Lisa Gordon said…
I saw a group of about 40 of these over the weekend!

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