Horned Lark

A first ever sighting and photo for my list.   What's your first sighting?

Horned Lark

You can learn more about the Horned Lark at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Remember that this upcoming Sunday, March 10 we'll be springing forward by one hour.  I wish they (powers that be) would pick one and stick with it.  It is purported that it makes better use of daylight.  In my opinion it causes more disruption than it's worth.  It's just a thought, I could be wrong. :-)


BOnjour je suis heureuse de regarder ces oiseaux
quel bonheur pour moi
First for me- I've never seen this one before. My dh said this morning he thinks they should just split the difference and be done with it. I think they just need to be done with it- period. Leave time alone.
Wow, I'm impressed with the photos. How exciting! One of my firsts was the cedar waxwing. It was thrilling for me because I didn't think I'd see them here.

Ugh, I hate the time change. It screws me up for weeks. They really should quit messing with time! Can we start a petition?
Red said…
I have not seen a horned lark for many years. They have recently returned for the season. they are very early spring arrivals.
Time? I don't wear a watch. It doesn't matter.
TexWisGirl said…
such a cool bird! great shots, too!
Karen said…
Oh, I always get excited at a first ever sighting. This is a sweet bird. Great captures!
I really dislike Spring forward, I think my springs are shot.
Stephen Hayes said…
I know very little about birds, which is one of the reasons I appreciate your blog so much.
Lisa Gordon said…
I could not agree with you more on the time, Daniel. Do it once, get it done, leave it alone! :-)

What beautiful photographs these are. I've never seen one of these birds, and it is really so handsome.

Hope you're having a wonderful day!
Hilary said…
What a little beauty. I've never seen one.

I actually like DST. It makes me feel like summer is on its way.
Stephanie said…
And lose an hour of sleep.nice shot!
Michelle said…
I don't care for spring ahead or falling back for that matter. Time should just be left as it is.
Gillian Olson said…
A really beautiful bird, great pictures.
The time change thing doesn't make a lot of sense to me either.
It's like he's wearing a little cap with a turned up brim! So unusual! Thank you for confirming the time change. I've been asking people the past couple of days if this was going to be the weekend (to lazy to google it) and no one knew.
Rosemary said…
I've never seen a Horned Lark before, great photos!
troutbirder said…
We have a lot of them visible in winter when snow cover pushes them up on the road shoulders from the fields. It's really hard to spot those horn's thoough unless you get close....:)

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