County Barns

A few barns that dot the county I call home.










Have a wonderful day, wherever you call home.


Lisa Gordon said…
What beauties these are, Daniel, and what fun they must have been to photograph.

I especially love the multi-colored one. :-)
Man, that's an astounding collection of barns. I really love the second shot with the brick/stone bottom. The one with all the bright colors is a standout also.
Great pictures of this beautiful barns... Cheers
TexWisGirl said…
nice bunch! love the 2nd one w/ the cross fencing! and the patchwork barn!
Andy said…
Excellent barn collection. I like the one with the colourful signs on the side.
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel I do love those county barns this is a very nice collection. I will have to make another trip there when the weather changes again. Awesome shots. B
A wonderful collection of barns, Daniel. I really like the second one with the stone foundation. And the fence and horses just add to the charm.
wow, you have a great bunch there. i love all the different colors on that one - kind of like a quilt. neat!! love all the snow.

have a great week. ( :
Michelle said…
Each one perfect in their own way. Though, I must admit that I like the one with the many colors.
Betsy Brock said…
oooh...I love that last one! And you have a rainbow barn! haha.
Red said…
Fantastic photos of a number of barns. Surprising to see hay in some these barns the are falling apart. They look like they're not in use. They must have been abandoned that way.
Stephanie said…
These are lovely old barns.
ZielonaMila said…
Fantastic photographs, discovering fantastic views is giving much joy. I am greeting
Gillian Olson said…
Great selection of barns, and some very colourful ones too.
I adore all your barns Daniel. Thanks for the reminder to me to my email to look.

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