Air Force

The smallest falcon in North America, but an 'Air Force' just the same.

Kestrel Identification and Info is available at Cornell Lab of Ornithology



Even a Falcon needs to Refuel


Stephen Hayes said…
Just when I think you've photographed the most beautiful bird imaginable you come up with a specimen even more beautiful.
Red said…
They're noisy little beggars when they come back here in the summer. we have a resident Merlin in our district to keep the waxwings on their toes.
Hilary said…
Wonderful shots, Daniel. Wow. The last one makes me wince but nature sometimes does. Is it a mole?
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel you always make me smile with your incredible photos. B
Wow, how in heck did you get these? I find the kestrel very challenging to photograph. They don't let you get close and when I approach, they fly away from me at super sonic speed. I'm very impressed with these shots. And admittedly a little jealous. :)
Lisa Gordon said…
He is just beautiful, Daniel!

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