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Lets Get Wild

Here's a shot of some visitors who wandered in from the back 40.

Wherever you happen to be, I hope you're having a wonderful day.

Looking Back

Do you ever wonder what life might have been like on abandoned farms when they were in their prime? 

Not sure what to say, words escape you? Hug them!!!
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Air Traffic

Lately there has been a notable increase in air traffic. Waves upon waves of Canadian Geese fly back and forth from Lake Ontario to the crop fields north of Wellington at least twice daily. I'm not talking hundreds, I mean thousands!

I hope your day is as unique as you are. :)

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Cardinal Confusion

Just another snow day in the month of March.

Easy come, easy go!  Soon it will be just a memory. 

Powdered Snow

Molly enjoyed playing in the fresh powder.

I started skiing at the age of three.I fondly remember skiing in snow conditions like these years ago.Sadly, I no longer ski. I had spinal surgery twice within one week 11 years ago.I prefer cooler weather over hot and humid days.
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Enjoy each moment, every day.

Eye Liner and Knobby Knees

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colours too!

Here's wishing you a wonderful day!
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In the Gully

I hope you don't think I'm being too... gullish today?

It's been quite the blustery day.  The birds are both struggling and enjoying the wind when it favours them. 
Hope your day has been a favourable one.

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County Barns

A few barns that dot the county I call home.

Have a wonderful day, wherever you call home.

Water World

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend!

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Where's Spring?

With signs pointing that Spring has arrived.  The arrival of Horned Larks, Robins, and Red-winged Blackbirds, not to mention all the melting snow and water accumulating everywhere.  Seems reasonable to think Spring has indeed arrived.  Mother Nature obviously had other plans.  With the new snow... however short-lived and colder weather... can you imagine hearing the weather folks uttering the word... windchill.

Well it's not all doom and gloom,  in fact I didn't mind it.  It was refreshing and the hot summer air and humidity will have some of us wishing for... you know it.

Look through Patio Door 

The snow we received was primarily 'Lake-effect' snow.

Fluid in Motion

I marvel at their gracefulness.

Sunday Mash-Up #1

Ice and snow builds up and outward on these shores. Today the water is calm with sunny skies.

It won't be long before we bid adieu to winter.

Equine Model

Beauty surrounds us.
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Honk if You Like to Fly

Hope you all aren't bored with the subject matter.  I am trying to improve my in-flight shots.  It's certainly fun and hopefully I'll continue hearing what you think in your comments.

I'll keep practicing as long as the subjects keep showing up.

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Air Force

The smallest falcon in North America, but an 'Air Force' just the same.