Winging It

I love watching geese fly overhead.  
You can hear their wings... their strength
Defying gravity with every beat 
Gaining speed and altitude as they pass 
Calling one to the other 
Gathering together... in perfect formation.
They work together, sharing the lead
Flying as one.




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Above and beyond.. Really sensational images, Dan. Wow!
Nice words about geese .. And great pictures .. Greetings from Spain ..
Buttons said…
Daniel these are wonderful. I love watching the Geese also. B
I love to hear them fly by- honking, it is such a lonesome sound. Beautiful shots Daniel.
Red said…
You've shown the awesome beauty and power of Canada geese.
Beautiful shots of the geese flying. I also love watching them. It's like watching a synchronized, graceful performance. Great focus and clarity!
Debbie said…
Awesome captures, I love watching geese as well!! Pretty blue skies.....and I know what you mean about "feeling" their presence!

Great title for this entry as well!
missing moments said…
They are beautiful and so full of grace.
missing moments said…
They are beautiful and so full of grace.
Stephen Hayes said…
You've really captured these birds' grace and the magic of flight.
Lisa Gordon said…
I have been seeing a lot of geese lately, and far more than I realize in the past. I love the sound of them when they fly over, first thing in the morning.

These are fantastic photographs of them, Daniel.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Hilary said…
You captured some fine shots of these beauties, Daniel. Honk if you love geeses! ;)
Oh my!! Such crispness against that blue sky!
PerthDailyPhoto said…
Super shots Daniel, it really is one of the most amazing sights and sounds to hear.
Brian King said…
Beautiful, Daniel! The blue sky makes a gorgeous backdrop!
Gary said…
Nice captures!! Haven't seen any yet. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
Anni said…
Absolutely stunning!!! When we lived in Colorado, the Canadian Geese were very abundant and I enjoyed their company when I'd walk the parks and in the foothills. Now, in coastal Texas we don't get to see them unless someone is kind enough to share their photos. Thanks for linking up this weekend, I enjoyed your images a great deal.
Gunilla Bäck said…
Wonderful photos of the flying geese!

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