The Day After

Did you'all see the amount of snow?  Never-mind you weren't here... but it was huge!  I almost called the Army in to clear out this place so we could find some food.  The landowners are pretty good.  S/he put stuff out to eat and clear paths.   There are trees everywhere and some bird houses scattered around too.  I prefer, well actually the Misses prefers the hollow tree we call home.


The day after the snow party, we were blessed with a wee bit more of the fluffy white stuff. So out the snow-thrower came and some paths were cleared, but there is more to do. My bird friends returned and enjoyed some wholesome goodness. The hawk flew in for wholesome goodness too... a meaty Mourning Dove.







Ta for now.  Hope you find your way here again.  We always enjoy your company.


i must say i am jealous of your amount of snow ... we had a dusting & it was gone the next AM this weekend. love the birds. like you can reach out & touch them. awesome. have a nice week Daniel. take care. ( :
The snow makes for some gorgeous photography but the poor birds! My heart goes out to them. Great photos!
Gorgeous pictures of the snow! I love the cardinals and the chickadee.
Roban said…
The birds are so handsome and beautiful in your photos. You really bring out their best! Loved the story, too.... It's not always that I can chat with a bird or two.
Red said…
Awesome snow shots. Not so awesome trying to get rid of the stuff. The fresh snow makes the cardinals look pretty sharp.
Michelle said…
From a photographic standpoint, the cardinal shot is just excellent. However, that first shot, with the stare (!), gave me a chuckle!
Fun60 said…
Just great snowy shots. That cardinal would enhance any photo.
Bob Bushell said…
Great snow laden birds, I love them, great photos.
Dana said…
Those cardinals look really beautiful in that snowy scene. :)

I hope you have a happy Tuesday!
Gary said…
Hard to believe that it's wine country!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
Hilary said…
I am smitten by chicadees. You have some fine captures of all your creatures here. You sure did get a dumping of snow, eh?
Rosemary said…
Great shots Daniel, the chickadee is one of my favourite birds, love its happy little song :)
Lisa Gordon said…
Daniel, these photographs are beautiful!
In spite of all the snow, those little ones look quite content.
I just love the sweet expression on the face in the first photograph.
Gillian Olson said…
All beautiful birds, but I'm a sucker for a Cardinal picture. Thanks.
Hi Daniel
I admire your way of all your photos .These winter shots show us the struggle of birds to survival!!! The fhotos are realy a masterpiece!!
And the birds sooooooooo sweet,with nice colors!!!
your fun

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