Lesser Scaup Ducks

These are a first for me and I'm thrilled.  I'm not familiar with most water birds.  I hope to learn more about waterfowl.  For instance, I believe these are Lesser Scaup ducks.  I reasoned they are found in freshwater as compared to the Greater Scaup which are found in saltwater.  

If anyone happens to know or can confirm my novice 'deduction' (pun intended) it would be appreciated.

DOL-A2048-7943 - Copy
Lesser Scaup Couple

DOL-A2048-7930 - Copy


I feel quite happy with the results, considering they moved within range of my lens.


Betsy Brock said…
Can't help you with the identification, but I agree they are beautiful! I love to watch ducks! Maybe you'll see a little brood come spring!
I don't know much about ducks except that they're fun to watch. I love this duck couple - they look so sweet together.
TexWisGirl said…
definitely not a species i've seen in person before. really nice shots!
Bob Bushell said…
Lovely Lesser Scaups, I love them. Well photographed by you.
Michelle said…
Beautiful and I love their eyes.
Nice close ups Daniel- I've not seen these before.
sorry, no can do, but it's such a great feeling to capture a new creature "in the box". well done!
Red said…
Super photos of very attractive birds. Fresh clean water, ripples, reflections!
Stephen Hayes said…
I don't spend enough time outdoors so I can't help you with an identification, but these birds sure cooperated with you to make great pictures.
Moin Vivotic said…
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Rehan Ahmed said…
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They are quite beautiful, although I can neither confirm nor deny your identification! I am not so good with water fowl either ;)
Lisa Gordon said…
They are beautiful, Daniel, and these photographs are magnificent!

Daniel, this looks like our ring-necked ducks. I just posted pics on my blog the other day. See if you can determine if that's so. They are quite interesting and you took some nice shots of them. :)
Hi Daniel,
Those are beautiful photographs. Wonderful detail and such vibrant colours. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that you might have Great Scaups there. My "National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America" says that the Greater has a "smoothly rounded head" and the Lesser has more of a "peaked crown." They are both found on ponds, lakes and bays. I took a photo of a male at Stanley Park yesterday that I think may be a Lesser, although Bill didn't really see the difference from yours, so i may be imagining this :) I'll put it in my next post so you can compare.
Kellie said…
I believe these are Greater Scaup. The head shape is the key feature here. They have a rounder, broader head (length-wise) than Lesser Scaup. Lesser Scaup seem to have a 'corner' or 'peak' at the back. They are also more likely to be found wintering on the Great Lakes than Lesser Scaup, although a few can be found. They're a bit easier to tell apart when in flight based on the extent of white in the flight feathers. You can also rule out Ring-necked Duck based on the lack of the white 'spur' on its side at the folded shoulder of the wing.
Rehan Ahmed said…
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