Juvenile Redtail Hawk




We're under a Snowfall Watch, expecting another 25cm (9.5 inches) of snow and drifting snow.  So I doubt I'll be going out much except for puppy requirements and wood retrieval for the wood stove.

Have a great day.


Rebecca said…
I had a red tail swoop by me the other day.
TexWisGirl said…
pretty! love all their white!
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel these are beautiful I love Hawks.
It is safe to say I will also be fueling the wood stove but I am POSITIVE you are going to accumulate more snow than I. Have fun watching out the window.It sure is pretty out. Keep warm B
Hilary said…
It's hitting pretty hard so far.

Gorgeous redtail. We just saw a red shouldered hawk on the tree in Frank's back yard. Snapped through the glass, it was less than impressive photography-wise but it was a two for one.. with a starling in its talons. I'll post it eventually.

Stay safe and warm.
Stephen Hayes said…
Although I love your colorful pictures, these nearly monochromatic ones are particularly appealing.
Tabor said…
Envious of how close you can frame your hawks, I see every luscious detail.
Magnificent creatures and you captured this one so well..
along with all the other magnificent creatures you've captured. It's always a treat to come see your work.
Have a great weekend, Dan. Stay safe and warm!
Great shots- hope you don't lose power!
Michelle said…
Excellent captures of this youngster. Stay warm!
Daniel, the first words out of my mouth was Oh. My. God. These are awesome!! Hope the snowfall isn't too heavy or great. Yikes! Stay warm and safe.
Red said…
It will be awhile until we see red tails although a few stay all winter. I hope that the snow has a heart and lays off a bit. You don't need that much shoveling. On the other hand it could present some opportunities for photos.
Roban said…
Being able to see the intensity in the hawk's eyes is amazing. It definitely brings meaning to someone having 'eyes like a hawk.' I'm sure nothing escapes this fella.
Pam and Wayne said…
We got a lot of snow and I stopped by a neighbor's yard to try to shoot their birds at the feeder yesterday from my car...no hawks like this beauty hanging around! I did see a large group of grouse leaving his yard on a walk I took one day so I'm thinking I need to invest in some bird feeders. Thanks for joining my site, I'm going to be scouring yours for some photography inspiration!
Madge Bloom said…
Beautiful plumage... you capture such crisp details too.. Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #69!
Bob Bushell said…
Marvelous the Hawk pictures, I love them.
Gunilla Bäck said…
Gorgeous shots of this beautiful bird!
Lea said…
Beautiful bird!
Have a great day!
Lea's Menagerie
Lisa Gordon said…
Such a regal creature, and you have captured him so beautifully, Daniel.

Happy Sunday to you!
Wow, such great photos! It is such a beautiful bird. Hope you guys fared ok in the snowstorm!

Found you via weekly top shot :)

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