These Cardinals are kept busy and the ones that will gather in Rome will be busy too.




Studied Ballet

Have a wonderful Valentines Day!


I love your witty remarks as much as your photos. :) The last shot of the cardinal is awesome. I'm sure Rome's cardinals are hopping right now.
Tricia Hays said…
These are wonderful captures, Cardinals are my faves... The Church will definitely be busy with the choice they're facing... Prayers for Pope Benedict XVI & all. =)
that splash of vivid red in the midst of winter is always a welcomed sight and that last one must be a prima ballerina! :-)
Stephanie said…
Such a treat to see the Cardinals in your photos.
Red said…
The cardinal is a bird that really stands out in any place especially in the snow. The other cardinals are going to be noticed in the near future as well.
Stephen Hayes said…
Several people have recently posted pictures of these amazing cardinals but I must confess I've never seen one. Although I HAVE seen cardinals in the Vatican.
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel these are fantastic one of the most beautiful birds especially the handsome fella B
Gillian Olson said…
Great pictures, the last one is awesome!
Pam and Wayne said…
Great cardinal shots, so hard to get a catchlight in those dark eyes!
Lisa Gordon said…
Daniel, these are wonderful. Love these little ones in the snow.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Jane's Gardens said…
Daniel, Your cardinal shots are lovely. I find reds and blacks very difficult to capture any detail. Yours are great!

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