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Freedom Flight

Here's wishing every flight is a free one. 

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You Don't Impress Me Much

You had your chance... Pfft!

She is the one!

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Winging It

I love watching geese fly overhead.   You can hear their wings... their strength Defying gravity with every beat  Gaining speed and altitude as they pass  Calling one to the other  Gathering together... in perfect formation. They work together, sharing the lead Flying as one.

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Lesser Scaup Ducks

These are a first for me and I'm thrilled.  I'm not familiar with most water birds.  I hope to learn more about waterfowl.  For instance, I believe these are Lesser Scaup ducks.  I reasoned they are found in freshwater as compared to the Greater Scaup which are found in saltwater.  
If anyone happens to know or can confirm my novice 'deduction' (pun intended) it would be appreciated.

I feel quite happy with the results, considering they moved within range of my lens.
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Best Posts of the Week

No Bull Here

They are a beautiful animal with distinguished features.

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Goose Air

Hundreds of geese congregated in the inner harbour on this cold day.  I was fortunate to capture a few just after taking off.  

Smile at everyone you meet.  Who knows, you might turn a few frowns into a smile.  Never mind if they think you're a little crazy; you'll have fun doing it.  lol


These Cardinals are kept busy and the ones that will gather in Rome will be busy too.

Have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Shades of Snow

During the snow storm we also had some wind.  Now I could have done without the snowdrifts, but these snow ripples and waves are pretty cool to these eyes.

Not sure what magical wind made these.

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Juvenile Redtail Hawk

We're under a Snowfall Watch, expecting another 25cm (9.5 inches) of snow and drifting snow.  So I doubt I'll be going out much except for puppy requirements and wood retrieval for the wood stove.
Have a great day.
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The Day After

Did you'all see the amount of snow?  Never-mind you weren't here... but it was huge!  I almost called the Army in to clear out this place so we could find some food.  The landowners are pretty good.  S/he put stuff out to eat and clear paths.   There are trees everywhere and some bird houses scattered around too.  I prefer, well actually the Misses prefers the hollow tree we call home.

The day after the snow party, we were blessed with a wee bit more of the fluffy white stuff. So out the snow-thrower came and some paths were cleared, but there is more to do. My bird friends returned and enjoyed some wholesome goodness. The hawk flew in for wholesome goodness too... a meaty Mourning Dove.

Ta for now.  Hope you find your way here again.  We always enjoy your company.

snoW, SnOw, sNow, SNOW...

We exceeded the expected amount of snowfall 15cm / 6 inches and received 60+cm / 24 inches.  Linda and I shared the task of clearing our long rural driveway.  Thank goodness we have a snow-thrower.

Here are some shots and a short video taken from our patio door.  They were taken early in the day.

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