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Stephanie said…
I am thoroughly enjoying viewing your photos!
i love old houses very very mutch.This is faboulus!!!
Andy said…
The stone in the middle photo is definitely going to outlast the wood.
Buttons said…
I love wood and stone this is my very favourite kind. Awesome shots and subject. B
The style of these barns is very similar to many of the barns in Vermont - smallish with natural wood. They have loads of charm. I especially like the first one with the stone and wood - it's a real beauty. Great shots!
Beautiful, even in states of decay. That second one with the stone and crumbling wood is amazing.
Red said…
the first stone work is a work of art! The weathered would is a fortune! What a fantastic view of the lake.
The second old house couldn't be any more decayed with out caving in.
Lisa Gordon said…
What a find, Daniel, and these photographs are just beautiful. I especially love the first one. What a fantastic composition!
Betsy Brock said…
a very nice trio of pictures...sepia against a blue sky!
You found some wonderful barns, Daniel! I really like the first one with the wood and the stone foundation! I like the view behind the barn too.
Genie Robinson said…
Wood and stone barns have to be some of the most beautiful. Do hope it survives long enough for someone to renovate it. It is just too nice to have fall to the ground. Would love to crawl in the window and snoop all around. No telling what goodies I could find. So nice to be back. genie
Stephen Hayes said…
I love how we take wood from nature to serve our purposes and eventually that wood returns to nature.
Michelle said…
All three of these photos made me swoon, but the second one....it just got me.
Beautiful and very detailed old barns.

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