Winter and Equines

All equines grow an extra layer of hair in the Autumn which is extremely effective at keeping the elements out and body heat in.  People are often shocked to see horses standing with snow across their backs, but in fact this demonstrates just how well their coat is working:  if we put snow on our own skin, escaping body heat would melt it in a few seconds.




Do your part and donate blood.  It's in you to give.


so beautiful Horses!!!!!!
Have a happy jear 2013,with love and inspirations-)))
so beautiful Horses!!!!!!
Have a happy jear 2013,with love and inspirations-)))
Andy said…
They are a very hardy breed. The horses I see around here are sissies. Most of them wear blankets.
Rosemary said…
It's nice to see them with that wooly look and they're probably happier and healthier outside. Of course having company (in your last photo) always makes the day feel less cold.
Buttons said…
Beautiful captures Daniel. I cannot give blood but my daughters do. Yes it is a great gift. I had jaundice as a kid. B
TexWisGirl said…
i love a furry pony - or two.
Stephen Hayes said…
I love seeing pictures of animals in their natural element. Mrs. C. and I gave blood for years but now, as diabetics and travelers to exotic places, they won't take our blood. I miss the juice and cookie.
Red said…
It takes an awful lot to make horses uncomfortable. Nice photos of horses that show their curiosity.
Saeed Zia said…
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Beth said…
Great photos of the horses!
That second shot is exquisite. My husband was the director of the blood drive unit at our church in Dallas. It's so important. Great message!
eileeninmd said…
They are beauties! Great shots, Daniel! Happy Sunday!
Oh, Daniel, these are lovely especially with sunlight framing their faces and bringing out their highlights. Yours? I've fallen behind and don't know if I wished you the best in 2013.. but I do :)
Bluebell Woods said…
I had a horse for a long time, she would always grow a very thick coat.She lived to be 41. Until the really bad weather came she did not wear a coat. She was out in all but extreme weather. When it got below zero then she work a waterproof padded coat but it really was more for my comfort than hers.

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