White on Ice


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Red said…
Cool all the way around ...cool water , cool bird , cool picture.
Stewart M said…
I do wonder how the birds get through the kinds of winters I think you have.

Nice picture.

Unfortunately, I did not see nay Devils in Tasmanian - their numbers have been reduced by a shocking facial cancer.


Stewart M - Melbourne
Linda said…
Very nice - but cold! I can't imagine how they keep warm in those frigid waters!
eileeninmd said…
Daniel, pretty shot of the Swan. I assume they are use to the cold weather and water temps.
Brrr...makes me cold. I often feel sorry for wildlife in extreme temps, but I guess they have ways of dealing with it. Beautiful shot of the swan.
What a pretty fellow.
We have Trumpeter Swan wintering here in the Valley. I posted some. They have black beaks and black legs. Pretty and elegant. MB
Tricia Hays said…
Lovely beauty!

Thank you for joining =)
Lisa Gordon said…
I don't know how they manage in this weather, but they seem to do nicely.
This is a wonderful photograph, Daniel.
Carole said…
That is such a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing it. :-)
white on ice.....a cute interesting scene!!!!
Your fhoto is great Daniel!!!
have a nice weekend-)))
you fun
Roban said…
This is a beautiful photo. I usually read a story with my students about a swan.... I may have to show them your photo this time if you don't mind us popping in.

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