Trumpeter and a Mute



The Trumpeter is the larger of the two swans. Yet both are majestic in their own unique manner.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Andy said…
This year on Frenchman's Bay there's a large number of swans that have decided to stay the winter. That's not the norm.
Wonderful captures of a beautiful pair of swans.
Have a great weekend, Dan.
Stephanie said…
Really nice capture of these two fine swans.
Red said…
Tell me, why don't they have pictures like this in bird books? It's so easy to tell them apart with these photos. Awesome photos.
They are beautiful and so graceful. We don't often see the trumpeter around here.
Both are beautiful! I love how you captured the water dripping from the beak in the second photo.
Stephen Hayes said…
Such grace and beauty. Nicely captured.
lovely pair of swans!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love them-))))
have a nice week Daniel

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