Let's Talk Turkey

Turkey shouldn't be just for special occasions.  It's a healthy and cost-effective meal choice.





Enjoy some turkey!

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Red said…
That's a ghastly blue on that guy's head! I agree with Tex it's ugly... not meaning your picture! Great shots showing detail that we don't ordinarily see.
What an interesting face. In my effort to eat healthy Although not the prettiest bird, you took some beautiful shots here.
Andy said…
I don't know why but I don't think this guy agrees with you:-)
I believe that mug would put me off turkey for life if I had to look at him every day.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely loved the close up shots....I think he is beautiful and he does keep us healthy.
eileeninmd said…
Cool shots of the turkey! Love the closeups!
Kathy said…
Thank goodness the turkey wasn't chosen as our national bird as Ben Franklin wanted. Otherwise we might be eating eagle on Thanksgiving Day! That's a horrible thought, isn't it! The gobbler, although he would not win any beauty contests, has amazing color markings.
he has a fantastic face!!!!
Great shots-))))
Anonymous said…
Wow, what a close-up of that blue face... I'm so glad you came by to share on Weekly Top Shot #66!
Michelle said…
Bless their hearts....they are so unattractive. But, tasty!
Karen said…
He may not be handsome, but he sure makes for interesting photos! Terrific close-ups.
Stephen Hayes said…
And to think Ben Franklin wanted turkeys on top of our flagpoles instead of eagles.
Gowri Saligram said…
Oh wow! What a fantastic bird! I loved the second image - such details in it!
Tanya said…
awesome captures of this guy! i love turkey. i buy turkey breast when it goes on sale. i love turkey sandwiches on sour dough bread, yum! with avocado and sprouts...now i'm hungry :D

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