County Farm Animals


Tina Turner Strutting

Tina and her Entourage

Goat Couple or Couple of Goats

Intimidation Tactical  Squad (ITS)

Scottish Highland Cattle -  They're sexy and they know it!


Fantastic captures.. I love Tina!
Red said…
Except for the horses you ran into some exotics for your camera to play with. I really like the weathered boards behind the chickens. You probably have some weathered board shots somewhere in you massive album!
Great captures and you had me laughing at the captions... especially Tina Turner strutting!
TexWisGirl said…
i like the fur and feather beasts. :)
Haha, love these! Especially Tina and her entourage. :)
Oh my- you made me laugh today. Love all of these shots!
Lisa Gordon said…
These are wonderful photographs, Daniel, and I just love Tina Turner! :-)
Stephen Hayes said…
"Bossy" has the look of a wonderful nineteenth century painting and the light is incredible in "Couple of Goats."

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