Engineering Marvels

Imagine if you will that these wooden structures have remained standing for multiple decades and for some over a century if not longer.





May tomorrow be better than today.

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Red said…
It always intrigues me that these buildings were built by self taught builders using available materials.
Their disrepair brings the stories of their better days.
Brian King said…
I really like those stone foundations! A lot of Michigan barns have them. Nice traditional barn red!
Great barn photos, Daniel. I love the first photo for some reason.
This is a wonderful collection of barns. Quite amazing that they are so old and still look so sturdy.
Rose said…
I ALWAYS marvel at them...specially how true and square some of them are built. And look how long they stand. Just an amazing feat.
Lisa Gordon said…
I am always in awe of these wonderful structures, and at times very saddened when I see them falling down, as is the case with so many in my area.
Jori said…
I know!! It's amazing. I look at all of the barns around here, and think about all of the tornado's, and crazy weather they have survived!
Tanya said…
another great that last shot!
If I had to pick a favorite it would be the last one. You have some great photos here.
Tricia Hays said…
Love them all!

Thank you for joining this week's Barn Charm =)

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