Elegance and Curves




Outwardly beautiful... but they can be so ever mean spirited.


Mute swans are mean spirited? I had no idea. They're so graceful. Your images of them portray them in such a wonderful light.
Stephen Hayes said…
I've been chased by one or two of these lovely creatures so I know to keep my distance.
Lisa Gordon said…
They are such magnificent creatures, but oh yes, they can be cranky. My daughter was chased by one once.

Gorgeous photographs!
Red said…
These guys are not only elegant but also majestic and regal. You caught some interesting poses.
Gillian Olson said…
Beautiful pictures, but your are right they can really nip with that beak.
Tammy said…
The swans are such beautiful, elegant creatures! But you are so right; they can be very mean! I've been chased a time or two:)
Linda said…
I had to laugh at your comment...I was in a canoe when we were "attacked" by a male swan protecting his nest...he dive-bombed us twice. I can tell you we were frantically paddling our canoe to get out of his way! Love those photos - they truly are graceful to look at!
Laura said…
exquisite photos... the grace and elegance of nature's curves.

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