Dry Stone

Dry Stone or Dry Stone Walling are often used interchangeably and apply to the art of building stone walls and more, without the use of mortar.


Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday.  Molly, our 13wk old puppy is trying my patience today.  She's developed a 'sassy' personality...  but we still love her.  Y


That's an interesting wall. And beautiful. Hee hee, Molly has you wrapped around her little dew claw already, huh? smiles
TexWisGirl said…
would take some skill to erect that, i bet!
Stephen Hayes said…
This looks like the portal to Narnia.
Tabor said…
Lovely photograph. Perfect time to catch that architecture.
Red said…
Stone walling produced some very solid structures. The old stone masons were extremely talented.

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