Canadian Icons


The sight of flying geese or their call are iconic symbols.  On this sunny yet chilly day thousands gathered on the still waters of West Lake in Prince Edward County.


Red said…
You showed these off in some vividly blue water.
Stephanie said…
Beautifully shot with the blue water.
Wow this is gorgeous! Love the vividness.
They look like a happy couple!
Zosia said…
Loons. I miss them.
Beautiful and crisp photo.
Ohhh. Just beautiful.. .Wonderfull geese. And great image.. Congrat.
This is beautiful! That water is such a vivid blue. You should share this on Watery Wednesday. :)
Buttons said…
I love seeing them except thousands over my head:) B
Great image. The water color is beautiful.
Rehan Ahmed said…
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