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Beautiful colours and easy to identify.  The Mallard is a pretty/handsome duck!

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Stephanie said…
Beautiful macro shots of these ducks. The textures in the birds are so clear. Love them all!
They really are pretty. I sometimes overlook them because they're so common. Nice photos to showcase gHeir beauty.
Yes, they really are pretty and you've captured them well.
Daniel LaFrance said…
Thank you all, for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

We just have to look in our yards, local parks, roadside, fields, trees, bushes and sky... to find beauty.
Roban said…
Your photos are so clear.... I love all of the details, and that emerald green is magnificent. Is it just me, or does the duck in the third photo from the top seem to have a sly expression?!
Red said…
Awesome shots! The eye in the third shot looks right through you. A great variety of poses.
Jan n Jer said…
Yep...I agree also...great shots.
BTW...Brunswick Golden Isles Ga is a perfect winter getaway. Check it out!!
Gary said…
Beauties!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
EG CameraGirl said…
Mallards are such photogenic birds!
HansHB said…
Lovely photos of this "stokkand" - duck!
eileeninmd said…
Pretty shots of the Mallards!
mick said…
Beautiful close-up photos of the ducks.
Karen said…
I love ducks. Great shots with wonderful detail and reflections!
Wally Jones said…
These are really wonderful, quality images!
You're right, it's easy to overlook some of our more common species, but look how beautiful they can be!
You really did the mallards' beauty justice in those shots. Funny, the sun came out today and I took some mallards as well. I often think they are underrated because they are so common.
Carol L McKenna said…
Absolutely beautiful photography of the ducks ~ very professional looking ~ Wow!

Carol of: A Creative Harbor ^_^
Madge Bloom said…
Yes, they are handsome... even the drab hen is lovely in her own way... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #67!

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