Roads Less Travelled

The journey is often the reward, while in other instances the destination may provide the reward.  If you're really lucky, the collective combination offers the reward.

Rainy Day Sunday

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Have a cheery day and a bright tomorrow!


A wonderful road to travel, in more ways than one. Such peaceful scenes, such a peaceful moment in time.
lorik said…
These are beautiful - especially the first one with that rich colour.
Buttons said…
Oh the journey and the reward at the end blend together perfectly. Wonderful shots I would love that journey. B
great shots. love them. so true. great place to take a walk or run on a sunny day. ( :
Stephen Hayes said…
I've always believed that the journey was the reward, maybe because it doesn't seem like I'm headed anywhere.
This is a beautiful road, Daniel. It reminds me of some of the ones around our place in Rockbridge County. You never know what you are going to find around the bend. Nice misty shot, too. We have an awful lot of those in the wintertime here. genie
Love love love those windy paths, especially when they're flanked by beautiful trees. I can never quite get this type of shot right.
Kaya said…
Beautiful roads to travel!!! Especially in the autumn. And the last picture with a beautiful fog is so impressive.

Every picture is so outstanding!!!
Tanya said…
beautiful! that's a road i'd travel down!
Stephanie said…
Lovely road to travel down a ways. The colors are striking.
Hilary said…
Beautiful autumn pics. I hope our new place, wherever it may be is at the end of a road like that.
Just beautiful!!!.. Congrat and Regards..
Madge Bloom said…
Love those country lanes... I'd love to be there. Nice to see a portrait orientation, so many just post landscape shots... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #59!

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