Rainy Days of December

It can be challenging during these times when the skies are grey and the impact weather plays affects us, neighbours, family and friends near and far.  That's why it's important to find ways to brighten your day and face those challenges with a fresh outlook.

I think we have to look beyond the obvious.  We have to strive towards an outcome that is positive.


We have to incorporate a new way of looking at circumstances and situations.  We need to strive for something greater.  Reassess our ambitions and refocus our energies.


We must reach out and claim what we believe is right.


We need to see the bigger picture to understand fully the steps that need to be taken.


Share your concerns, listen to one another.  Talk with, not at one another.  Barriers can be moved, eliminated, replaced, re-positioned for the greater good.



Danielle said…
I love what you have written here. Although your mobility may be limited you continue to give us the gift of your view of the world. It is beautiful.
Michelle said…
A very positive and uplifting message today. Just what I needed to hear.
Tabor said…
We tend to want things fixed quickly,solutions implemented right away...of course complicated problems can only be solved with little steps and little goals won until people feel progress is finally being made.
Stephen Hayes said…
Strong and reasonable words, perfect for our troubled times.
Your shots of the bird are so great and your words ring so true.
Red said…
Well said. It's all the more important after the school tragedy in Conn.
Brian King said…
Love those shots with the rain drops!
Bob Bushell said…
Beautiful Chickadee getting some seeds, you photographed it, love the little one.
Lisa Gordon said…
A truly wonderful post, Daniel, and these photographs are beautiful!
Love the raindrops on the cage bars, and your message today!
Stephanie said…
Love the rain drops on the bird feeders.

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