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My mobility is far less than it once was and not without pain.  This limits my photo capturing efforts and to an extent enjoyment.  So I'm on a mission to find and try new ways to achieve photography joy.

To date, the majority of my photo's are captured from a seat.  The first is from my recliner positioned near the patio door.  The second is from a lawn chair that gets moved to different areas of the property.  The last is my car seat.

The photo's shown below were captured from a lawn chair on our deck.  Most of these birds are becoming accustomed to our presence and will occasionally land on us.






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Hilary said…
All of those windows must be open because these are all fine shots. Beauties!
TheChieftess said…
Wonderful shots!!! The detail and clarity is superb!
What kind of lens do you use???
Buttons said…
Oh Daniel I am sorry you are going through this. Your photos are amazing. B
Kerri said…
Oh your birds are so lovely!
Have you thought about a chair blind? It's something that hunters use but is good for photographers too. I've used one and it really works well!!
great shots. so cute. love the chick-a-dee. ( :
Colorful shots- love the third one- so pretty!
Gary said…
Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
Crafty Gardener said…
I'm not as mobile or flexible and I'm always adapting to get good photos. In the summer I have various chairs set up around the garden with good views of the feeders. In the winter most of my photos are taken while I'm on the deck or taken through the windows. Thank goodness for zoom lenses. What sort of camera lens do you use?
Red said…
I really appreciate the detail you capture in your photos. You also get the birds in different poses.
I'm sorry to hear about the mobility issues. Hopefully this can be cleared up and you get back to moving around.
I'm sorry that you are having pain and mobility issues. But you have found ways to capture beautiful photos of the birds. They are just wonderful.
Daniel LaFrance said…
Thank you all for your comments.

The lens I currently use is:

Model No: OS7020DGHC
UPC Code: 085126589547

fahim ahmed said…
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Daniel, sorry to hear you are having some pain and mobility issues! You managed some spectacular shots of these beautiful birds. Hope you will be okay soon.
Well you may not have been able to get around much,but that hasn't stopped you from taking just stunning photos.

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