Northern Harrier

A beautiful Northern Harrier Hawk (The Grey Ghost) landed on our deck after nabbing a Mourning Dove today.  I didn't mind, there are plenty of  Mourning Doves.  The Harrier flew over to the edge of our forest with his late afternoon snack secured in his talons.

It took me a little while before I got the camera readied.  I had to grab a memory card, then remove the cameras battery from the charger, then modify the camera settings to something suitable for the weather and lighting.  Snow was falling with wind making it quite a challenge for me.  I had to fiddle with the settings a bit before I was able to start capturing images.  In other words, I wasn't prepared.




* Special thanks to Ann, Frank and Walter for providing their expertise in identifying this magnificent bird of prey.

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Stephen Hayes said…
Sometimes you just don't get as much time as you'd like but in these photographs you used well the time you had. Nice work.
Kathy said…
For someone who wasn't prepared, you got some great shots!
TexWisGirl said…
you did well and he waited with his feast.
Red said…
the best stuff always happens when you don't have your camera. You are a fortunate person to see a kill and watch it's consumption. Great sequence.
Betsy Brock said…
I was just thinking yesterday how the mourning doves usually get caught. They just don't seem to sense danger like the other birds! The sparrows in my yard dash into the safety of the pine trees at the slightest movement or noise and the doves stay right where they are, oblivious. haha. I watched a hawk get one a few years ago, and a cat get one last year.

Lovely pictures...that hawk is beautiful!
Tabor said…
You look prepared to me. I saw a hawk today, but by the time I found the lens I was looking for, it was gone! These are great! How close could you get?
Julie G. said…
The most exciting moments seem to happen when we are not prepared. Even though this was the case, you got some wonderful captures, Daniel! Very handsome bird.
Michelle said…
Prepared or not....these are great shots!
Daniel LaFrance said…
Thanks everyone for your visits and comments.

I was about 100 feet or so from the bird. The pics were captured from the patio door to the forests edge.

As a rule I keep a fair bit of distance. I wouldn't want to spook it when it's on the ground with a fresh meal.
Wowweee, Daniel! Looks like you worked out the technical details with your camera. It's hard to be 100% prepared 24/7, but you managed to come through here. Well done and congrats on a great bird capture!
Madge Bloom said…
Wow, that last shot is superb! I hate it when I loose shots due to fumbling... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #63!
Phil said…
Amazing that a Northern Harrier would use your yard like that. Guess he was hungry.

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