When I took this photo, I thought how noble looking.  Today I was wondering how to best portray this handsome fella.  So I spent a little time fiddling around and came up with three different versions and thought I'd enlist your help.  So don't be shy, pick the ONE you think best represents this noble looking dog.



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TexWisGirl said…
even tho i like the focus on the eye in the first, B is my favorite. love the fur. :)
Red said…
I'd pick A by a long way. The light seems to be very calm and goes along with the noble beast.
Betsy Brock said…
what a gorgeous dog! very noble! ;)
Stephen Hayes said…
It's close between B and C but I think I like C the best. This is a portrait rendered in light and fur, and C captures this the best for me.
Val said…
Wow Daniel, they are all 3 beautiful. When I first looked at them I was drawn to B...but then I went back and reread your request on what looks most noble. With that in mind I now choose A, because of the eyes and to me it looks like a drawing/painting --making it more regal. To me that shot also depicts the wisdom of the dog.
great shots!!
Hilary said…
I like B the best as it looks most natural. That pooch is a naturally noble dog.
Zosia said…
I like B for Beautiful dog.
Have a great weekend!
Brian King said…
Great job! I really like them all, but if I chose just one, I personally like C.
Hanne Bente said…
No. B seemed to me most about - but nice all three.
Hanne Bente
Buttons said…
Wow I pick B too I think we know where this is going:)
I love them all but that one grabs me and holds tight. Beautiful guy. B
Danielle said…
I love speaks to me of a softness that comes with being 'noble' is about compassion and strength wrapped into one and I think image A represents that...what a gorgeous subject by the way.
I really like the 1st one but B is my favorite because of the contract in the fur!
Hard to choose, but I love A, soft and glowing. A noble dog indeed.
Rosemary said…
You definitely captured "noble" with your shots. I vote for the middle photo :)
I like the first two- but the second one is the one I like best!
Kathy said…
Well, I think the Bs are the majority but I like C because of the extra definition of the fur.
Jodiebodie said…
Tough decision. I like the contrast between the subject and the background in B, but I seem to have more of an emotional attachment to A. Maybe it is because the fur appears softer and more plush in A and I just want to go up to this beautiful dog and give it a hug. The more detailed the lines of the fur in the other photos, the coarser it seems to me.
Michelle said…
I do like the last shot the best. What a distinguished look fellow.
Have to say I love the last shot. Seems to let more of his character through. What a noble photo for sure.

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