Love + Scenes

On a recent day trip to visit Molly our new puppy. By the way, she comes home on Friday.  I suspect I'll be taking a lot of shots of her. We stopped here and there along the way and enjoyed the scenery.  So I'll post one of Molly and then the other shots.  I hope you enjoy them.






Hug your loved ones and let them know how much they mean to you.


Hilary said…
All of those scenes are beautiful but I can't take my eyes off of Molly. She's a little sweetie. Oh she's going to be so much fun!
Stephanie said…
The puppy is so cute! Beautiful scenery you have.
ADRIAN said…
She looks a real poppet. It's a good name for a dog. I look forward to your adventures with her.
naveed qumer said…
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Love all your beautiful images. And your puppy is adorable!
Jeanne said…
Bet you can't wait to get that sweet puppy home! and your landscapes are just lovely. Your advice is also excellent, and the recent news brings that home so strongly.
Kaya said…
Puppy is adorable!!! Her face is so sweet!

Pictures of forest and a lake are amazing. Love them very much.

Tabor said…
Nothing lifts the heart more than a baby animal...unless it is a baby human. Yes, I expect you will be taking lots of pictures.
Red said…
Ice with no snow! Usually we get the snow and then the ice. Makes for good photos.

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