Hey Boss!

Nursing a chest cold, I've been staying put, drinking plenty of liquids and resting.   However... I had a need to get out of the house.  So on a rainy afternoon I went for a drive and happened to see about 20'ish head.

For my friends who are 'cow savvy' they will understand what happens when you belt out "Hey Boss" or similar expression.

The sequence of events unfolds below.

Innocently when you call, they come.  Universal cow terminology I suppose.

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Have yourself a terrific today and a magnificent tomorrow.


Michelle said…
You are so right, they are innocent. That last shot is a great group photo!
Danielle said…
Glad your cold hasn't hurt your sense of humor ;) ... get well soon.
Should you really be getting out in the rain with a chest cold now? That last shot of the cows is my favorite. The way they stare at you is so funny.
Stephen Hayes said…
Maybe they want to borrow your cellphone to order some takeout?
TexWisGirl said…
we used 'come boss!' in wisconsin. :)
I know that term as well.
Stay warm. Get well . Its sure going around.
I loved the photos.
Daniel LaFrance said…
@ Stephen: Vegetarian or Vegan?

@ TexWisGirl: and there's "co-boss" too.

@ Danielle: I try, but I can be pretty miserable too. Ha!

@ Michelle: innocent and dumb or smart? Either way, the animal provides a way of living and food.

@ Gail: I like the last shot too!
Stephanie said…
I love cows! And love these shots.
Hilary said…
Awww.. that's too funny .. and cute.
Buttons said…
Oh yes Co...boss works here on the farm I love that. The shots are great. Get well soon OK. B
Val said…
Hope you are feeling better. THis post made me giggle as hubby and I were out working on his garage project yesterday I heard the neighbor yelling "hey Boss" Rural life, you just can't beat it.
also agree with yesterdays post about the timing of sunset :)
Jenn said…
Well you learn something new everyday. I find it hilarious that they respond to being called the boss. :)
TheChieftess said…
Nice strategy...I'll have to try that the next time I'm "shooting" cows!!!
Gary said…
Fun post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
such a fun posting...hope you feel better and taking more pics of the cows...too cute!!

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